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How To Achieve More Success In Sales (faster) in 2021

In this article, I’d like to share with you a proven method and strategy that can help you double your income within the next 12 months, earn your next promotion and achieve more success in sales (and life) faster in 2021.

Even though for some people the year 2020 was ‘the worst year ever’, surprisingly, this year was the best year of my life from a career/professional perspective and one of the major reasons is that I applied the success formula I’m about to share with you.

This strategy has been used by many other successful people like:

  • Kobe Bryant (RIP)

Still curious?

Okay, no more suspense…the success principle I’m talking about is:


Copy And Steal Everything.

The successful people I mentioned above didn’t try to reinvent the wheel on their way to success. They recognized someone in their field who had achieved noteworthy success and simply copied them. This is arguably the single fastest way to achieve your goal(s) in any area of your life. It’s simple.

Do you want to become the #1 sales rep on your team?

— -> Identify the top sales rep in your company, and then you C.A.S.E.

Do you want to earn a promotion at your workplace?

— -> Identify someone in the role you desire, and then you C.A.S.E.

Do you want to double your annual income in the next 12 months?

— -> Identify someone in your workplace/industry who’s earning the income you desire, and then you C.A.S.E.

I personally used this strategy to go from struggling SaaS sales rep in 2019 (thinking I might get fired) to earning over six figures a year in 2020. Within 12 months, my annual income increased by 100% from simply applying the principle of C.A.S.E.

I really like how Jamaican-Canadian billionaire Michael Lee-Chin describes how he used C.A.S.E to achieve his business success:

“Find a role model, get their recipe for success and you can only change the recipe if you have exceeded the role model”Michael Lee-Chin, businessman

Michael Lee-Chin used C.A.S.E with Warren Buffet.

Here are 3 steps you can take, using C.A.S.E to achieve more success in sales (faster) in 2021.

1. Ask yourself “What do I want to achieve in 2021?”

It could be an income goal. A promotion. Win a company sales award. Take some time to think about it. And think big! Define a goal that’s outside your comfort zone and will force you to grow and learn. As always, write down your goal on paper and give it a clear time-bound deadline.

2. Next, ask yourself these 3 questions:

-> Who can help me achieve this goal?

-> Who can I model to achieve this goal?

-> Who do I need to hire to reach this goal?

The answer to these 3 questions is your key to compressing time and fast-tracking your way to goal achievement.

3. Follow the daily habits and rituals of the person you’re modelling until you’ve reached your goal.

If you’ve never tried this strategy before, I highly recommend you give it a shot in 2021. It might change your life. It changed mine. From my experience, trial and error and learning from our mistakes are overrated.

I’d prefer to just C.A.S.E.

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I am the co-founder of Grind. I’m passionate about tech, self-improvement and empowering sales reps and sales leaders.